Arrhythmia Personal Stories

Updated:Jun 19,2015

Real patients share their experiences.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoWhen the rhythm is wrong
April Gottung's implanted defibrillator saved her life after she was diagnosed with Long Q-T Syndrome. Now she channels her passion for heart disease research into her art and volunteering for the American Heart Association. Read April's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoCo-workers revive heart, save life
Donuts and coffee in hand, Nowell Wiggins walked into a refinery plant in Beaumont, Texas, and declared to his co-worker: "It's going to be a great day!" Moments later, he almost died from a cardiac arrest. Read Nowell's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoFlatline
Mr. Terry may be the only man outside of Hollywood who has watched a video of himself flatlining. He knows that his volunteer efforts saved his life. It's a story that sends chills down your spine and supports the idea that there are no coincidences. Read Gary's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoThis mom vows to live a more balanced life after cardiac diagnosis
Home from the office after a long day, a mother of two young children collapses. A call to 9-1-1 saves Kristine Breese's life and a pacemaker keeps her alive. Read Kristine's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story Photo Crew responds quickly to save actor's life
All the drama conjured up on a Hollywood set took a backseat to the real-life drama Jan. 17, 2000, when Irwin Blumenthal suffered cardiac arrest on the set of television's "Ally McBeal" show. Read Irwin's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoHer heart stopped beating at age 13
During a soccer game, Jennifer Hilke's heart rate rose to an astounding 330 beats per minute. If her dad had not performed CPR, she wouldn't be able to tell her unbelievable story today. Read Jennifer's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoHer understanding pushes her to teach others
After her mother was diagnosed with coronary artery disease and herself with tachycardia complicated by arrhythmia, Laine has made it her mission to speak out about the heart disease. Read Laine's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story PhotoDeadly readings
The doctor told Jessica that her heart monitor readings were fatal. But seven hours on the table during cardiac catheter ablation was enough to save her life. Read Jessica's story.

Arrhythmia Personal Story Photo Knowledge is the cure
Corinne speaks of how Long QT Syndrome took her daughter's life and has challenged her to educate others about this silent killer. Read Corinne's story.

Gerry Turer Personal Story ThumbnailKnow your risk
"I thought my heart was in fantastic condition." But the one strike against Gerry Turer was that he had no control over was his genetics. Read Gerry's story.


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