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Updated:Feb 19,2018
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My Cholesterol Guide Cholesterol Animation Library Check. Change. Control. Calculator
How Statins Work
 Your Cholesterol Score Explained
  Cholesterol Questions To Ask
Your Doctor

What Are Cholesterol-Lowering Medications?
How Can I Improve My Cholesterol?
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Cholesterol Toolkit
An interactive guide for healthcare practitioners
 Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol
Learn more about this initiative
 Professional Heart Daily
Find guidelines, studies and education

Watch, Learn and Live

Interactive Cardiovascular Library

Our Interactive Cardiovascular Library has detailed animations and illustrations to help you learn about conditions, treatments and procedures related to heart disease and stroke.

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Cholesterol Recognition Program

Stand and be counted

Be a part of our Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol™ initiative and receive special recognition for your efforts. Learn how.



Estimate Your Risk

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What’s your risk for a heart or stroke event?
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My Cholesterol Guide

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Do you have questions about cholesterol? We have answers. Our FREE interactive cholesterol guide will help you understand and manage your cholesterol, so you can take action and live healthy!

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