Assess Your High Blood Pressure Related Risks

Updated:Jan 7,2015

Step 2: Why High Blood Pressure Matters. Assess your HBP related risks. High Blood Pressure Health Risk Calculator.

Discover your heart health risk by using our HBP Health Risk Calculator.

A few minutes could change your habits and your life. Assess your risks now:

HBP Health Risk Calculator - English VersionHBP Health Risk Calculator - Spanish Version

Enter your latest blood pressure reading to learn your risk of having a heart attack, a stroke, and developing heart failure and kidney disease. You'll also learn how a few lifestyle changes can lower your blood pressure and your health risks. You can print your risk report to review and discuss with your healthcare professional.

Note: You'll need your current blood pressure numbers to effectively use this tool. if you don't know your numbers, please have your blood pressure checked by your healthcare professional, use a home blood pressure monitoring device or see your local pharmacist. You can enter a sample blood pressure reading to see how the tool works.