Cardiac Rehab

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Nurse Walking patient Down Hospital Hall What is Cardiac Rehab?
Get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about cardiac rehab, including who needs it and for how long.
Close Up Of Serious Man Thinking Understanding Your Condition
Several types of heart conditions may require cardiac rehab. See a list of these conditions and access more information about them.
Doctor Talking to Patient Communicating with Professionals
By preparing for office visits, asking the right questions, and confirming that you understand your healthcare team’s instructions, you can improve your quality of care.
Close Up Of Medication Managing Your Medicines
Learn about the medications used to treat heart disease as well as assistance programs that may help you reduce the cost of your prescription medicines.
Grandmother And Child Cooking Taking Care of Yourself
By following your treatment plan and making necessary lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk for future cardiac events.
Senior Man On Computer Tools & Resources
Track your progress toward improved health and access a variety of informative resources to help your recovery process.

Answers by Heart Fact Sheets

Answers by Heart fact sheets

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