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Updated:Jul 21,2014

Fats - Sat's Bio (spot)

Sat’s my name.  And food loaded with saturated fat is my game.  I’ve been around a long time – even if you don’t recognize me, I’m sure we’ve met before.  After all, I’m in many of the foods you love.

Eating is my greatest passion.  I’m talking big, thick steaks, loaded potatoes and anything with butter in it.  Or on it, or over it…Yum!  The way I see it, food is one of life’s biggest pleasures.  So, how about a bacon cheeseburger?  And you’re gonna have dessert, right?  Let’s have a big piece of cheesecake. C’mon, don’t be shy.  There’s plenty to go around.

You don’t have to look hard to find me – I’m usually hanging out in places like restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines and fast food joints.  Often enough, you’ll find me with my brother Trans. They call us the Bad Fats Brothers.

The more time you and I spend together, the better chance I’ll have to clog your arteries and break your heart. But don’t think about that.  Let’s just sit down and eat.

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The Bad Fats Brothers' Menu
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The Bad Fats Brothers' Downloads

Fats - The Words I'd Like to Meet

I make friends with all types – just about anyone with arteries I can clog.  If you’re into butter, meats or cheese, I’d especially like to hear from you. 
Fats - Poly Trans Mon (spot)
Fats - The Words My Family 
A brother named Trans. He's into things liked baked goods and stuff that's deep fried (If you think I’m charming, watch out for him!). Then there are my Better Fats Sisters, Mon and Poly. They're into heart healthy foods like fish and nuts (Boooring!).

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