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Updated:Aug 1,2014
Fats - Trans's Bio (spot)

I’m a fun-loving guy who’s looking to meet new people.   I like to keep my friends happy by giving them everything their hearts desire -- especially if what they desire is deep fried and delicious.  Some say I’m a sweet talker, devastatingly handsome and easy to love.  

I get a bad rap, though. You see, I grew up in this good family of vegetable oils.   But ever since I got partially hydrogenated, I’ve developed a reputation for raising bad cholesterol, clogging arteries and causing heart disease.  But if you’re into convenience, we could become fast friends.

I’ve never liked being predictable.  One minute, you see me on a nutrition label – next, I’m hiding under my alias, Partially Hydrogenated.  And on a restaurant menu, I’m totally invisible.  (Good trick, huh?)

I hang out a lot with my brother Sat.  He’s a heartbreaker like me, and together we’re a pretty tempting team. They call us the Bad Fats Brothers -- which, personally, I think is kind of flattering.  After all, we do love to break hearts.

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 Fats - The Words I'd Like to Meet

If you eat, I’m your guy.  I’m even more interested if you’re the naïve type – one of those people who haven’t heard about me in the news and don’t know where to watch out for me.

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My brother, Sat.  Despite all those people who’ve given him a hard time, he remains as popular as ever.  I learned everything I know about breaking hearts from him.

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