Dining Out

Dining Out

Heart-Check for meals thumbHeart-Check Meal Certification Program (Foodservice)
The American Heart Association is making it easy to find better options when eating away from home with the Heart-Check mark certification for heart-healthy meals.
Nutrition - Talking with Restaurant Server (originial)Choosing a Restaurant
Many restaurants offer delicious meals that are low in saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol, or they'll prepare your food to order. Ensure that the meals you eat away from home are part of a healthy diet. 
Nutrition - Woman Deciphering Menu (original)Deciphering the Menu
I spy … something healthy! Learn the meanings behind common words found on menus so you can order nutritious dishes.
Recipe - Sweet & Nutty Stir-FryOrdering your Meal
How you order your dish cooked can have as much of an impact on its nutritional value as the dish itself.
Nutrition - Grilled Chicken Sandwich (header no words)Eating Fast Food
Fast food can be heart-healthy if you know what to look for. Follow these tips to get healthier meals on the go.
NC-delicious decisionsTips by Cuisine
You can eat out and eat healthy, too. Every culture has healthy alternatives to your high-fat favorites. Let our Tips by Cuisine help you decide.



Resource:  Healthy Dining Finder

Nutrition - Three Chefs (from Healthy Dining Finder)
From fast food to upscale dining, find restaurants that offer “dietitian-approved” Healthy Dining menu items and view nutrition information (calories, fat, sodium, etc.) for the recommended dishes.  New restaurants are added frequently!
Healthy Dining Finder  


Create your list of certified heart-healthy foods using the Grocery Builder.

Dictionary of Nutrition

This dictionary provides you with information on common nutrition terms to help you make heart-healthy decisions.

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Sodium   Sugar   Fat

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