Heart-Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping

NC-Grocery Shopping iconGrocery Shopping
Learn how to get the most out of your trips to the supermarket. You’ll get tips on what to look for when choosing everything from meat to dairy to fruits and vegetables.
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 NC-Heart-Check Mark icon
 Heart-Check Mark
Look for the Heart-Check mark on food packaging to find food and meals certified to meet the American Heart Association’s heart-healthy foods as part of an overall healthy diet.


NC-Reading Food Labels iconReading Food Labels
Reading and understanding food labels is an important step in making healthier choices. Find out what you need to know to make informed decisions!
NC-Grocery List Builder iconGrocery List Builder
Use this tool to quickly and easily build a shopping list full of heart-healthy foods that have been certified by the American Heart Association.



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Dictionary of Nutrition


This dictionary provides you with information on common nutrition terms to help you make heart-healthy decisions.

Fruits and Vegetables   Fish   Whole Grains
Sodium   Sugar   Fat

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