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MISSION: LIFELINE is the American Heart Association’s national initiative to advance the SYSTEM OF CARE for patients with acute, high-risk time sensitive life and/or quality of life threatening disease states, such as ST Elevate Myocardial Infarction (STEMI Heart Attack), Non-ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction (NSTEMI Heart Attack), Stroke and Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. The overarching goals of Mission: Lifeline are to bring stakeholders together in a collaborative manner and to reduce mortality and morbidity for these patients while improving overall quality of care and patient outcomes.

"Mission: Lifeline helps with the biggest goal of  keeping patients out of the hospital with preventative care."

Vanessa Cambria-Mengel Chest Pain Center Coordinator

A System Of Care is an integrated group of separate entities (stakeholders) focused on reperfusion therapy for STEMI, NSTEMI, Stroke and/or Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest within a defined region. The system of care should include, but is not limited to, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Receiving Centers and Referring Hospitals. 

Through a team of Quality and Systems Improvement experts across the US, Mission: Lifeline is focused on supporting hospitals, EMS agencies, regions and communities while forming and enhancing collaborative, efficient and effective Systems Of Care. 
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Mission: Lifeline® awards and hospital accreditation programs are two ways to raise awareness of outstanding performance.

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