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Building a healthy workplace and encouraging a healthy workforce can create a self-reinforcing environment that can lead to increased productivity, less absenteeism, and health-spend savings for employees and employers. The American Heart Association's Workplace Health Solutions offers a suite of science-based, evidence-informed tools and services to help you build and maximize an effective workplace culture of health:

  • Assess your current programs and supporting work-place environment
  • Create awareness and education around Life's Simple 7® and the importance of knowing your numbers
  • Implement a workplace health solution that combines the power of health screenings with health assessments, behavioral counseling, and incentives, to achieve favorable cost savings
  • Activate and engage your workforce in health actions to work toward ideal cardiovascular health
  • Monitor progress with digital dashboards
  • Qualify for annual recognition from the American Heart Association

99% of the adult US population has at least one of seven cardiovascular health risks.

People with at least five ideal Life’s Simple 7 metrics have a 78% reduced risk for heart-related death compared to people with no ideal metrics.

LIfe's SImple 7 Journey to Health

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Overview of Products and Services

It's never too late to make better health choices. We know that even simple, small changes can make a big difference in living healthier. Learn how you can help your workforce on the journey to improved health with the American Heart Association's suite of science-based, evidence-informed tools and services.

Life's Simple 7

These seven lifestyle and behavior factors add up to big differences in health, and can have a big impact on your bottom line. Studies show that moving from poor to ideal ranges of the Life’s Simple 7 factors reduces risk of heart disease and stroke, and increases healthy lifespan…there’s never been a better time to get involved in workplace health.

Workplace Health Achievement Index

Are your workplace and workforce healthy? Find out, and learn how to improve both, with our organizational assessment tool that provides measurements of workplace/workforce health as well as opportunities for recognition from the American Heart Association.

Health Screening Services

So much more than just a health screening… we offer robust data analytics, incentive management, a state-of-the-art scheduling tool, and an integrated follow-on health assessment with personalized guidance for improving health. Convenient, affordable, reliable, and supported by the solid science of Life’s Simple 7.

My Life Check Enhance

Knowing your numbers is a good start…now do something about it. An easy-to-use science-based health assessment, integrated with our Health Screening Services, that activates and engages participants with personalized content that can help them work toward improved health with measurable results.

Index Recognition Announcement:

Recognition levels for the 2018 Workplace Health Achievement Index will be announced nationally in August. 

Workplace Health Solutions

American Heart Association’s CEO, Nancy Brown, talks about the collaboration with AHA’s CEO Roundtable to develop solutions for improving the health of America’s workforce.

Instructional Videos

Need help getting started? View these short videos for more information. 

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